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On the go!

I value my sleep. Just ask anyone in my family. It's lights out at 9 pm. My ideal "school night" is wrapping up dinner around 7 and retiring to my room by 8:30. Unwind with a light mystery or a funny show, and I'm sound asleep by 9. The 6am alarm comes way too quickly! Once my feet hit the floor, it's go, go, go until I walk out the door an hour later. To catch those last few precious minutes of sleep, I often resort to breakfast on the go. Yes, I know. It would be better to get up a little earlier, take time to sit down and enjoy breakfast, but life is about choices. Just because I choose to eat in the car doesn't mean it can't be civilized!

Recently, my go-to breakfast has been a yogurt parfait with blueberries and homemade granola (recipe cred: Lara Lyn Carter) or baked oatmeal (recipe cred: Elisabeth & Butter). Easy to grab and go ... pair it with a Hen House napkin and I've got the best of both worlds. A few extra minutes of sleep and a civilized, healthy start to my day! 

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