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A letter to Dad

When we met, I was four years old and I offered you a grape lollipop. It was an instant connection that became the love of father and daughter. I have never been your stepdaughter or your adopted daughter, just your daughter. 

You taught me so many life lessons and many of them in the hours we spent together hunting and fishing. You sat through more hours of dance recitals and pageants than I can count. Thanks to you, I can drive anything! You taught me to drive a World War II jeep with stick-shift, a boat, a tractor, as well as my first car. When I wanted to win the tennis tournament so bad I could hardly stand it, you hit serve after serve to me so that I could practice. And, it was you when a boy broke my heart that reassured me that the right one would come along one day.

The day you and mom got married I called it “the day we married daddy”. Well, it has been a long time since that day, but I realize more and more with every passing year what I am grateful for when it comes to you. I am grateful for the example of Christ you have shown me all of my life. I am grateful that I got to watch the way you treated mom so I knew what I wanted when I got married. I am grateful that my boys have had you as their “Pops”. I am grateful that you grill the best prime rib in the world.

I am grateful that you are a fighter winning two bouts of cancer and a bypass surgery. Most of all, I am thankful that God brought us together to be father and daughter and that there are men out there like you that are “dads that did not have to be”. Happy Father's Day!

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