Just a little quirky!

I hate the grocery store. There is no chore that I dislike more than going to the grocery store. I loathe searching the aisles to find a particular item on my list, pushing the cart with the bad wheel, and loading and unloading the flimsy plastic bags. If it wasn't for my husband (who loves this task - he goes almost every day), we would only eat food from Target. He shops and cooks, I clean and bake. He likes red wine, I like all wine!

He can barely operate his iPhone, I’m a tech nerd. Opposites in many ways but the perfect match! When it comes to home decor and table linens, I love to mix and match. Pairing the unexpected creates a home that looks effortless, unique and just a little quirky! Throw it all together and see what you get - you might just be surprised by the result!

Alfresco dining mix and match table ideas.

Summer bright table scape ideas.

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