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Make time

Who is sitting at your table? Your spouse, your children, extended family, old or new friends? As I’m writing this, I’m sitting at the beach with my family.

We are missing two at our table - one is living his best life in France and the other is watching from heaven. But it’s a full table! Full of fresh seafood, strong cocktails, lots of half empty water bottles, little bit of arguing (we are a competitive crew - did someone cheat at tennis this morning is still under debate), and lots of laughter.

While we don’t get together enough, this annual trip is a tradition. We eat Mexican food on Tuesday, cook low country boil, make our Grandmother’s ice cream recipe, and ride bikes everywhere! These are special memories for each of us. Make time for those who matter to you most and pull up an extra seat at your table!

Homemade Oreo Ice Cream
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