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Stock your bar cart | Entertaining essentials

Bar carts are one of the most popular furniture pieces right now, and we understand why. The versatile size is handy in small spaces or kitchens with limited storage. No bar cart? Try a Bar Tray! Here’s how to style both with classic pieces you’ll love year-round! We've linked some of our favorite selections below.


Your bar cart or tray should complement the look of your home - rustic, traditional, modern or whatever fits with your decor. There are more styling options with a cart - think about how you will be using the cart. Do you need to store large bottles? How many shelves do you want? We love the versatility of one with wheels or an indoor/outdoor version. 

SHOP: Wicker Bar Tray // Variety of Trays // Bar Cart with Wheels // Indoor/Outdoor Bar Cart // White Outdoor Bar Cart



We love to add color with our glassware. Colored wine glasses and highballs are great choices to get started. We typically stock our cart with four of each.

SHOP: Colorful Wine Glasses


Proper tools allow you to measure and mix with the ease of a professional. Select a cocktail shaker for mixing, a jigger or shot glass for measuring, a functional corkscrew and a muddler for fancy cocktails.

SHOP: Brushed Brass Cocktail Shaker // Easy to Use Corkscrew


Functional and pretty linens instantly elevate your bar cart. Guest towels are the perfect size to wrap around chilled bottles and line trays to keep glasses from moving around. And no bar cart is complete without a selection of cocktail napkins. We have a color for every occasion and to compliment your decor.

SHOP: Guest Towels // Cocktail Napkins


Add additional color through a curated selection of round trays and rectangular trays, vases, decorative bowls (we love vintage) and small vases. These are great for grouping like items together and organizing your cart. A set of colorful paper straws in a pretty cup is a great choice, too!

SHOP: Round Tray // Medium Tray // Vintage Bowls // Vintage Style Bud Vases // Colorful Paper Straws


We like to keep one bottle of each: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Tequila, Vodka, Bourbon & Scotch.

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