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Tailgating | Up your game!


Just because you're in a parking lot doesn’t mean your tailgate needs to be uncivilized! Why not elevate your tailgate? It does not take much to turn a rickety folding table into an eye-catching, inviting spread!

  • Start with a pretty cloth or table runner in a spirited color. I love to layer a cloth with a coordinating runner in team colors.
  • Make your koozies fun! You don't need to be an advertisement for the local pest control company. Wrap a pretty print cocktail napkin around your beverage and tie with a ribbon. This line up is sure to win!
  • Guest at a tailgate? Don't forget to take your hostess a small gift. Guest towels in team colors will definitely score points.
  • Tailgating Tip ... take a laundry bag (if your child has recently graduated from high school, you should have a few extra monogrammed ones laying around) to collect all your linens at the end of the day. Wash all your linens (and the bag) when you get home. Put everything back in the laundry bag and you are ready for next Saturday!
Now that your tailgate decor is settled, on to the really important topic ... FOOD! We always travel at least two hours to tailgate so warm food is not an option. These are some of our favorites - quick to prepare and easy to transport.

  • Salty: Boiled peanuts are always a hit! Our local market has the best but if you don't have access, this is a great recipe.
  • Savory: Texas Caviar is my go-to tailgate tip. Prepare it several days before, it's better if it sits overnight! Click here for the recipe. Don't forget the chips!
  • Sweet & Salty: Spirited Chex Mix is a fun addition. You can customize it for your team by including m&ms in team colors or add candy corn if around Halloween. For a unique serving idea, serve it in individual ice cream cones! 
    • 6 cups Chex cereal
    • 3 cups kettle corn
    • 1 1/2 cups mini pretzel twists
    • 1 cup salted peanuts
    • 1 cup M&M's (milk chocolate, peanut butter, use your favorite!)
    • Mix all ingredients together & store in airtight container.
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