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The ride home

Today I left my middle man, Beau, at college to start his sophomore year. I have already done four years of this with my oldest, and this is year two for Beau. Somehow you would think that it would get easier! The truth is it doesn’t. The ride home is always hard. There are always tears. The ride home is a reminder that one more year with him is over. I am one year closer to him being completely grown and on his own. He will come home it is to visit, not because he “lives” here.

I realize that there are people that can’t wait to be “empty nesters”, but I am not one of them! I am overjoyed when I hear his truck pull up, and I know he is home with that HUGE pile of laundry for me to wash. Yes, I really am. I love making his coffee in the mornings and taking him “room service” in bed. Don’t judge … you do you, I’ll do me. I love when there is flour all over the kitchen counter because he is making one of his classic homemade pizzas.

Homemade pizza

I love how his dog and little brother wait at the door ready to attack him the minute I yell “Beau is home.” And, I love planning his favorite things for dinner when he is HOME! 

Healthy peanut butter cookies

For all of you out there taking your kids to college this year, I have two pieces of advice. Make sure that you have tissues in the car and enjoy every moment they are home - laundry and all.

Peanut butter cookie recipe


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